Six Solid Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

If you think you know what WordPress is, and what is it used for, I still believe you need to give this article a read to get to know what WordPress is really capable of. Wikipedia defines WordPress as ‘an open source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL‘. And indeed you are correct if you think that WordPress is one of those inexpensive and relatively easy ways to start a blog site, but WordPress has come a long way since it was only a ‘Blogging Platform’. If you don’t already know, there are two websites and which is because it has now reached a new mature level where it doesn’t only support blogging ( but also can be used for other different website applications ( is actually a source it provides to those users who don’t want to use to host their blog and want to host it themselves. But the story just doesn’t end there with the blog installation. It comes with a lot of new features and options which has made it very flexible since the day it came into being. I have been in the blogging business for some time and I have realized the importance of the wealth of options WordPress brings upfront. Starting from its great content management system to its easy to use technology, WordPress is the most common product businesses use for their online work.

The reason I am praising WordPress this much is not just one reason alone, and hence I have tried to talk about the most important ones down below to help you realize what WordPress is really capable of.

Flexible Open Source

Everything that makes up WordPress is open source. The functionalities and features such as Comments, Posts, Installation Facility, Galleries, Trash boxes, Plugins and much more, are regularly added and updated by the developers on the WordPress database. This forces the developers to work as per industry’s recent requirements and trends. This is where WordPress being open source saves the day when we freely use technology to code behind the system and modify the system easily with the help of MySQL, PHP, CSS and much more. The most important benefit of WordPress being open source is that they are many developers out there and as soon as they pick up any bug in the system resulting in some threat, they close it down as quick as they can.

Great Content Management System

wordpress content management system

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This content management system tool helps you create and then update the web pages so easily, on your own, when required. You can easily add content to your site, pictures, events and even products whenever you want, in just simple steps. This option comes in handy when there are clients who don’t want the WordPress developers to maintain their site and ask for more money. And so the clients prefer WordPress for the reason that they themselves can add content to their website due to the easy functionality it provides them. And the best part is that the users learn to use WordPress in less than hours, because of the easy to use and similar to Microsoft Word functions for editing.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

search engine optimization

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There is no benefit to great content if you don’t get enough organic traffic for it. And by organic I am talking about the readers who are on your site to really read your articles, those that have searched for something they really are interested in. And to make it certain that they land on your site for that specific search, you have to optimize your site and make it search engine friendly. There are many blogging platforms out there, but talking about the Search Guru ‘Google’, it crawls WordPress a lot and hence the sites using the WordPress platform tend to rank well in the search results. The reason behind this is that WordPress platform is very Search Engine Friendly, because of the fact that it lets us easily update/add content to our site regularly. And search engines like to see fresh contents on sites and opt for the regularly updated sites/blogs. Apart from the easily able to add content feature, WordPress allows to easily come up with inbound links, track-backs, submit comments and ping our content, which helps in improving our page rank, and hence traffic towards the site. These features might be available on other platforms, but with the flexibility and easy to edit option on the WordPress platform, it really wins the race.

Media Support

media support

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A website looks much better when it is customized to and uses some effects to look more appealing. This can be done by several flash codes, adding images, adding slide-shows, embedding videos and audio. And this is where WordPress prove to be very handy for it has great support for adding media files to it and jQuery slide-shows etc. Apart from all the media files, we can also insert Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Scribd and other related things to give an attractive look to our content (site). WordPress proves to be very handy because of the flexibility it provides, to edit the appearance and make it easier for you to create sites that will appeal to your customers, and their clients in return.

Extended Plugins

wordpress extended plugins

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You want a header that changes color every 10 seconds? Great, there is a plugin for that. Want to promote your new content on social media with just a click? No problem, there is a plugin for that. Curious about how many readers are on your site right now? Oh well, lets see how many there are with the help of this plugin. You see, everything you want to do, or you think of, can easily be done in WordPress with just a simple plugin which is not that much of a headache to install. The core functionality of WordPress is already very impressive but the beauty the extended plugins give it, is simply out of the box. There are lots and lots of plugins out there, freely available on WordPress database, easily installable from inside the system with just a click, which will do whatever you want them too. These plugins start from SEO up-to design tweaks, and if there is something you want to do and can’t find a plugin for that, well don’t worry about it. The open source feature of WordPress gives you the room, so you can hire a developer and tell him what you want, and see him play with the PHP and bring you the development to make the functions more flexible.

Easy To Use

easy to use wordpress

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It’s literally no more complicated than Microsoft Word, in terms of editing and adding new content. If you were trying to bring up a tweak and mistakenly broke something, it’s not a big headache because WordPress has a very good support forum with many moderators who will help you in minutes when you post your query. However, the main task of the platform is to maintain your website easily and it performs the task without complications.

WordPress being free, downloadable, and easy to install on your own server, with a simple and easily flexible user interface which truly requires no knowledge of programming, where you can make custom pages and widgets with just a click, and where half the coding is done by it itself, would absolutely be the first choice by all the developers around the internet. These important reasons are I think enough for you to opt for WordPress for your next website. I know there are many other CMS platforms having their own pro’s and con’s and I would love to hear your opinion as to why should we opt for them and not WordPress. Leave your opinion in the comments below. It’s always beneficial to get into discussion regarding these topics.

Here are examples of some big blogs who use WordPress as their blogging platform.

Big Blogs that Use WordPress

1. Cloud 365 Project

The Clouds 365 Project is a project based on pictures and videos of clouds.

cloud 365 project

2. WebDesignerWall

A wall of design ideas, web trends, and tutorials.

webdesigner wall

3. The Uprising Creative

The official site, blog, and portfolio of design and web development studio, The Uprising Creative.

the uprising creative

4. AllThingsD is a Web site devoted to news, analysis and opinion on technology, the Internet and media.


5.Bloginity focuses on entertainment news content and is updated between 50 and 75 times daily.


6.Boing Boing

Boing Boing is an online “neurozine” that covers everything from technology and science to steampunk and “weird.”

boing boing

7. TED Blog

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

TED Blog

8. TechCrunch

TechCrunch, founded on June 11, 2005, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies.


9. Playstation Blog

A blog by SCEA for PlayStation Fans.

playstation blog

10. Mashable

With more than 5 million monthly pageviews, Mashable is the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on social networks.


11. I Love Typography

I Love Typography, devoted to fonts, typefaces and all things typographical

I love Typography

12. H-Mag

h MAG is a high-end luxury magazine for the Hoboken market.

h mag

14. Gizmodo Live

Gizmodo is a blog with the sole purpose of writing about tech and gadgets as fast as possible.

gizmodo live

15. Fuse Design

Fuse Design is an award-winning creative graphic design and web design agency based in the heart of Nottingham, UK.

fuse design

16. Lifehacker

Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.

Salman Saeed

Salman Saeed is a Photographer by Hobby and a Corporate Slave by Profession, who blogs at Demortalz and can be found on Twitter.

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  1. Marcus Lewis says

    WordPress has been the easiest and most functional CMS I’ve seen/used since I started freelancing. It’s become a true open source tools and should be used by many. It can do as much as any other platform out there ie. Drupal, Joomla etc. but so much more user friendly.

    I’m a huge advocate for WordPress because of it’s simplicity and ease of use. Ver informative article and great to know about it’s use of SEO.


  2. Nicholas says

    everytime when our goal is to make a website which is high in serp’s results, we make it on wordpress. really great solution!

  3. Gnarly says

    I love WP. So easy to use. Makes sense that so many huge communities depend on its ease of use and friendly updates.

  4. srivinati says

    wordpress is a boon to internet and numerous websites born through wordpress..You can add many plug ins very easily like user’s feed backs corner,news letters,link counts and much more.

  5. says

    I’ve been using self-hosted WordPress for several years. I’ve used blogger, typepad and as well. Without a doubt, self-hosted WordPress is amazing for SEO. However, I’ve been seriously thinking about starting a so I don’t have to deal with the upkeep. Downside of free, you can’t have ads.

  6. Lauren says

    Great info for those of us that are new to the blogging world, and were unaware that wordpress could do so much! #Lithographic

  7. Khaldoun says

    Thanks, i use mainly wordpress for my customers, for basic web site, it’s really easy to customize, operationnal and easy to manage.

  8. Chris says

    Some people swear by WordPress, and others swear against it. In my experience, front-end web designers are more likely to choose WordPress and customize as CMS, while back-end programmers will almost always choose Drupal as the CMS solution. From what I have seen, WordPress is FAR better for the client that is not particularly web-savy, as the interface is intuitive and easy to use, especially when it’s customized for their content types and organization.

    As a small point against it, the frequent updates to WordPress core and plugins/themes often result in additional maintenance to keep things up to date, and to make sure that no errors are introduced during the updates. Thanks for the great read!

  9. Oliver says

    I can fully agree with the ease and the flexibility of WP. Though i believe that adding or editing content in WP is not that different from say Joomla or Drupal. And clients still can ‘mess up’ a site with copy and pasting content from docs, adding ‘wrong’ pictures, etc. None of CMS Wysiwyg is ‘bulletproof’ for a client who does spend lets say 1 hour every week on his website. And leaving it to a skillful webmaster is usually still the best case.

  10. Glenn says

    WordPress is good for blogs and some sites depending on the specs however for corporate sites and most non-blog sites, CMS Made Simple is much better.

    Much easier to manage pages, assets and content, it’s very modular and has lots of extensions/modules.

    WordPress has way more plugins, a quazillion templates and some features which are nicer but all in all, for most non-blog sites, CMSMS win hands down. I’ve used a lot of different CMS’ and I’ve found CMSMS to be the easiest to setup, customize and extend.

  11. Alex says

    WordPress is definitely a great CMS. The benefits in this article though could refer to a lot of different CMSs. I’ve used Joomla and WordPress, but tend towards Joomla. But I’ll readily admit that the reason for this is that I’m slightly more familiar with Joomla and it’s extensions.

  12. John says

    Some really good (and surprising) examples here. I like the way that its fairly easy to get straight into creating a well-designed WordPress theme.

  13. Shaquil Oliver says

    Word press is good with oraganization. It’s a necessity if you have loads of paper you need all in one spot.

  14. RustyH says

    Though I use and recommend WordPress… WP is not a content management system. Yes, with plugins or additional php functions added, WP can be used as a CMS, but out of the box, it is a blogging platform.