1. nicola

    The NSW government logo features the Waratah, an Australian native flower and an iconic symbol for Australians.

  2. Tony Kelsey

    Great article. I truly laughed out loud over some of them (and your comments, Jamal). The Comprehensive Health Care logo is just plain funny. The others…hideous and absurd! Thanks for putting this together.

  3. Mamun

    Well, I think we all can agree these are terrible, but they should of picked an author who’s logo pieces are not equal/worse than in this article. tnx Jamal

  4. Cory

    I think we all can agree these are terrible, but they should of picked an author who’s logo pieces are not equal/worse than in this article.

    • Hi Cory, thanks for reading my article. Well actually my portfolio is pretty outdated because I don’t have the free time to put a consistent amount of time behind its redesign, thus the entries are rather old from when I first got into design. You would’ve noticed that if you paid attention to the year the work is associated with.

      • Cory

        Fair enough, but it’d be wise to act soon to avoid mis-representation of your skill. I apologize if my previous comment came across as rude.

        • Yeah I am actually in the sketching phase of my new portfolio design. Its okay, as long as you didn’t mean any intentional harm and enjoyed the comic relief in this article there is no hard feelings. Personally, I would’ve felt rude if I didn’t take the time to respond to someone that took the time to read one of my articles.

  5. mackson

    Wow! nice and such a interesting post.. I like to share this post with my friends who are also designer and it may help him to get idea about logo designing.

  6. Morgan

    This is hilarious. A lot of them seem to suggest strange things. Great read and comic relief.

  7. Gene Gee

    At least I didn’t see any misspelled words in the logo’s, unlike the writers use of the word “Your” instead of the proper “You’re” on number 25.

    Those who live in glass houses…

  8. Hi Alex and Mick,

    Let me first thank you both for taking the time to read the article I have written and for commenting. Now Alex, the title of the article states that this is showcasing the worst logos. This means that yeah you might see some of the entries here on other sites, however because we are showcasing the worst those entries can’t be ignored just because they were on another websites blog article. Do you understand my point?

    Mick, I guess I’ll just tell you why the logos you think are good deserve to be on this list. Let’s start with the NSW logo. Now I’m not from New South Wales, Australia so I can’t talk about this too much. The cultural differences between my country of residence America, and New South Wales, Australia are distinct despite minimal similarities. The problem with this logo is that the font for one. It is strong and bold, much like a government should be, however it is clashing style wise with the flower in my opinion. In addition, the S should be centered under the flower.

    If you read what I wrote about the MSN logo then you would know I didn’t bash the logo in general, just this rendition MSN made. The typography here is awful, and a big step in the wrong direction compared to its older one. Cutting back on font weight doesn’t make a logo any better in most cases.

    The A-Style logo still looks, like well, what it looks like. I completely understand the gorilla marketing approach used here, and how the shock value, I guess is a good word, sparked this company from just being a logo into something more and respect it. However it doesn’t change the fact that it looks like, well, what it looks like.

  9. Mick

    Agreed, plus there’s some really odd ones in there as well, NSW Government? MSN? What?? And does he realise the A-Style one was intended to look like that—it is actually rather cleaver.
    But it’s nice that the blogger read two or three “bad logo” themed blogs and adopted them for his own. Terribile work.

  10. TS

    is ‘endrun’ supposed to be Paul Rand’s enron logo? for one thing that is just gaudy and the colors are not quite the original.

  11. Jeremy Hawes

    Wow, I think the London Olympics was my favorite for the ‘non-perverted’ category. These are definitely some of the worst logo designs I’ve seen.

  12. bdb

    American Pediatric Center gets my vote, but I do disagree on Portland Trail Blazers logo. I like the logo and I like the way team interprets it.

    • Hi,

      The Trail Blazers logo is here for a few reasons: 1) An NBA logo is something the teams fans should rally around, and find easy to. Most of the Trail Blazer fans at one point or another have mentioned they get confused about exactly what it means. 2) It doesn’t leave direct interpretation for mascot. Much like the Lakers, who have a fine logo, the Trail Blazers had to get creative with their teams mascot because their logo and name didn’t directly dictate one. However, a cat is not what comes to my mind as an animal for representing a Trail Blazer. Maybe a cheetah.

  13. Dave

    Locum and London Olympics get my vote, although so much pedophilia certainly deserves an honorable mention!